Painted bottles

I have been admiring painted bottles for ages. And today I figured I have a bottle and I have some watercolors so why not try? So I took the watercolors and mixed them with a bit of water and pour it into the bottle. I shook the bottle and managed to get paint all over my hands and half a floor but that’s another story. If you want to try making the vases too I encourage you to not use the watercolors.

You will need:

– Paint

– Empty bottle

Painted bottles


So my advice number one is: do not use watercolors. Or more accurately: do not put too much water in the paint. This sounds quite obvious because you can’t keep much on the glass if the paint is too runny. It needs to be thick but it still needs to be a bit runny so you can spread it over everything when you shake the bottle. Use the bottle lid while shaking! If you only close it with your hand you will be full of paint in seconds.

Painted bottles

This is what happened when I wasn’t thinking and didn’t pour the leftover in the mug. This scenario however is only possible if your paint is too runny so take my advice and make the paint thick and also pour the excess into a mug before turning it upside down.


You however need to put it upside down so the other excess paint can run out and that the whole thing can dry properly. How long it will dry I cannot say because it depends on how big your bottle is and how thick the paint. I would recommend you to make it in the evening and then let it to dry through the night. I ended up with this:

Painted bottles

It can be clearly seen that the paint was too runny because almost all of it ran out. Now that it dried it’s a proper see through stained faintly blue. So if you look for that just do what I did – but make sure you proofed your table because there will definitely be mess.

This is a very nice piece of craft and if done right can lead to awesome results. So there you go – painted bottles. It’s a great way to use all the bottles that are always around the house and use them to brighten the room with flowers instead.

It is also fun to do because I believe if you are covered in paint and laughing you must be doing something right.

Do you have any questions left or you want to share your experiences with us? Write it in the comment section. I will also be happy to see and post photos of your creations so you can send me as much photos as you want on

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