Nail polish craft

I had a nail polish and I had a glass so there was not much to think about. This nail polish craft first caught my attention when I watched tutorial for nails. How awesome. And then I saw you can do the same for glasses or bowls or whatever you want. Amazing! What could go wrong? You only need to dump the nail polish in the water and then dip the glass in. Easy peasy.

I wish. This is another craft that looks so much easier than it really is. At least for me. The tutorials make it seem so easy. Well at least you can learn from my experience.

You need:

  • A glass (or a bowl or a mug)
  • 2 nail polishes of your choice
  • Water
  • A bowl

Nail polish craft


First pour water into a bowl. But make sure it isn’t cold. I overlooked this somehow and the nail polish clumped and sank down at the bottom of the bowl. And that was a great waste of nail polish. So pour warm (!!!) water in to a bowl and take one nail polish. Pour it gently in to the water. It should spread over the surface not sink.


Dip the other nail polish over the first one. It shouldn’t clamp at all so if it does your water is probably too cold. This is how my nail polish formed:

Nail polish craft


The difference between cold and warm water was obvious. Now you can leave the nail polish as you poured it or you can alter it a bit with a toothpick to get all kinds of different patterns. You might want work quick so your water won’t get cold. When you are satisfied take the glass (or the mug or the bowl) and dip the bottom of it in nail polish. It should stick right to it. Now place it upside down to dry.

Nail polish craft

This is what I ended up with. It didn’t turn out as well as thought it will probably because the glass isn’t straight. I also advise you to do this on a white mug or bowl I imagine that would make nail polish art look way better than it does on the glass.

I hope you enjoyed.

Do you have any questions left or you want to share your experiences with us? Write it in the comment section. I will also be happy to see and post photos of your creations so you can send me as much photos as you want on

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